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The SpeedGrip Sock Aims to Give Athletes More Quickness, Confidence

Stability breeds explosiveness. The more stable your body is, the more directional force you'll be able to put into the ground. Small increases in ...

By: Brandon Hall

Warrior Dynasty 2.0 Base Layer Shirt

If you want to live and play in Snipe City, you'd best join the "dynasty"—Warrior Dynasty, that is—the ace of base layer performance apparel. ...

By: Zac Clark

The Hardwood Hustler's Ultimate Gift Locker

Shoot, pass, rebound, defend. The Hardwood Hustler is an unstoppable force on the floor. He spends hours refining every nuance of his game, but...

By: Zac Clark

First Look: Nike's New NFL Uniforms

Earlier today at an NYC media event, Nike unveiled the 2012 NFL uniforms, updating the look, feel and technology of the gear that the league's best ...

By: Brandon Guarneri

Run Cool With adidas' ClimaCool Ride Trail Running Shoe

Pounding the pavement can be difficult in and of itself, but trail running can multiply the challenge tenfold. Athletes who prefer to run on unpredict...

By: Joe Baur

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Football Training: How to Backpedal

A defensive back must backpedal as fast as a wide receiver runs forward. Learn how to improve speed and agility from former NFL cornerback Charles Dimry.

Football Training: How to Plant and Drive

Once you master the backpedal, use the plant and drive technique to quickly change directions to keep tight coverage on wide receivers. Master the plant and go, and you'll make more interceptions.

Football Training: Coaching the Turn and Go Drill

Learn how to improve a defensive back's speed when he transitions from the backpedal to running with a wide receiver.

Football Training: Coaching On-Field Cutting

Learn how to coach defensive backs to change direction quickly with this football drill.

Football Training: Coaching WR Start Positions

Learn how to coach the best two-point stance starting position for wide receivers.