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Zenni Eyeglasses Prevent Burning Eyes By Blocking Blue Light

Give your eyes the gift of relief this holiday season by asking Santa for Zenni Sporty Rectangle Eyeglasses with "Beyond UV" lenses. Beyond UV is a...

By: Brian Sabin

Chris Paul Cheated on His Eye Exam for Years Until He Finally Decided to Get LASIK Surgery

If there's one part of the human anatomy that is absolutely essential to the way Chris Paul plays basketball, it is his eyes. Now in his 11th season, ...

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A Peripheral Vision Test That Might Prevent Concussions

Peripheral vision is one of 9 elements of athletic visual skill, which athletes should be able to perform with a significant level of proficiency (to...

By: Troy Dodson

STUDY: Playing Video Games Can Make You Better at Baseball

AP Images Mom may not buy this when you tell her, but it's true: new research out of the University of California, Riverside, suggests that playin...

By: Sam DeHority

Improve Your Soccer Intelligence

The world's smartest and most creative soccer players read the game and play ahead of their opponents. They possess excellent soccer intelligence, w...

By: David Carmichael