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The Philadelphia Eagles Fine Their QBs for Bad Body Language

If you happen to catch a Philadelphia Eagles quarterback hanging his head after he tosses an interception this season, just know that it's going to co...

By: Brandon Hall

Why Greg Ward Jr. Could Become the Next Former College QB Turned Elite NFL Receiver

Playing quarterback in today's NFL is a monumental challenge. That's exactly why many former college quarterbacks choose to change positions when t...

By: Brandon Hall

Darren Sproles' Pop Warner Highlights Are Absolutely Amazing

Darren Sproles has been making defenders look silly for a long, long time. The versatile Philadelphia Eagles running back turned 34 today, so the ...

By: Brandon Hall

A Walking Boot Isn't Stopping Eagles Draft Pick Sidney Jones From Pumping Iron During His Achilles Rehab

With the 43rd pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Sidney Jones out of the University of Washington. Once a potential top-10 p...

By: Rob Scott

5 NFL Stars Reveal How They Came Back Faster, Stronger And Better Following ACL Surgery

Tearing an ACL can feel like a football player's worst nightmare. All that blood, sweat and tears you put into your game are gone in an instant. No...

By: Brandon Hall

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Vince Young's Quarterback Footwork Training

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See how NFL Pro Bowl quarterback Vince Young uses Resisted Treadmill Sprints to get his speed and endurance ready to run by defenders during the NFL season.

Vince Young's Quarterback Training Profile

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Vince Young's Lower-Body Power Circuit

NFL Pro Bowl quarterback Vince Young performs a circuit of exercises to improve power in his legs, hips and glutes for the upcoming NFL season.

Vince Young Resistance Band Explosion Series

Vince Young performs a series of drills with resistance bands to improve forward, backward and lateral explosion and speed heading into the NFL season.