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Former Teammates, Coaches Remember Roy Halladay's Legendary Work Ethic

Roy Halladay, an eight-time MLB All-Star and two-time Cy Young Award winner, tragically passed away yesterday at the age of 40. As the remembrances...

By: Brandon Hall

Indians Pitcher Carlos Carrasco Ate Pizza for 90 Straight Days During His First Spring Training

When they are trying to make it in the big leagues, players know they should eat healthy so they can perform at the best of their abilities. Well, d...

By: Rob Scott

WATCH: Bryce Harper Hits Home Run Into Phillies Bullpen Bathroom

  Washington Nationals superstar and AL MVP Bryce Harper has been on a tear since Opening Day two weeks ago. He's hit four home runs in four s...

By: Dana Scott

Phillies Manager Fines His Team 50 Cents Every Time They Screw Up. The Pot is Almost $1,000

Image: Thinkstock It's death by a thousand cuts for the wallets of Philadelphia Phillies players this spring. Team manager Pete Mackanin institute...

By: Brian Sabin

WATCH: The Phillie Phanatic Somehow Crushes Jose Bautista in a One-Arm Push-Up Contest

Ah, MLB Spring Training. A time to get your swing right, bust out the sunflower seeds and challenge the opposing team's mascot to a fitness contest....

By: Jordan Zirm

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