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Jalen Ramsey and the NFL's 5 Most Savage Trash-Talkers

Talking trash. It's an art that's almost as old as sport itself. The best trash-talkers speak with a purpose. They want to rattle their opponent...

By: Brandon Hall

Broncos DL Derek Wolfe Told Philip Rivers He Was Going To Eat His Children

Denver Broncos defensive lineman Derek Wolfe is one player you would not want to mess with. Why? Because he will threaten to eat your children. REL...

By: Rob Scott

Balance Training With Philip Rivers

San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers may be missing his main receiver targets, but Denver defenders still had big bulls-eyes on their backs last night....

By: Zac Clark

Off-Season Conditioning and Rehab With Philip Rivers

  Watch video of Phillip Rivers discussing training at D1 Sports Training. Since getting his shot as the San Diego Chargers, starting QB in...

By: Josh Staph