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Watch the U. S. Marines Train the UConn Women's Basketball Team

Last week, University of Connecticut women's basketball junior point guard Moriah Jefferson woke up for 6 a.m. practice. It was not a typical pre-se...

By: Maddy Lucier

Learn the Murph CrossFit Workout

The author is a seven-year active member of the Florida Army National Guard. Many CrossFit workouts were created in memory of fallen soldiers, ...

By: Skyword

No-Nonsense Push-Up Plan for Guaranteed Results

Want to challenge yourself with a new Push-Up plan for 2012? Whether you're trying to add upper-body strength for your spring sport or you want to do ...

By: Dustin Brady

Ace the Marines' Physical Fitness Test: Do More Pull-Ups

For many recruits considering the U.S. Marine Corps., one obstacle looms above all others: the Pull-Up. In the Marines, every soldier must take the ...

By: Dustin Brady

Strengthen Your Core with the Army's Latest Fitness Test Exercise

As a part of its physical fitness test overhaul, the U.S. Army is replacing the Sit-Up with the Rower. Whether you're preparing for the Army Physica...

By: Dustin Brady