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How to Safely Return to Training After an Injury

return to training As athletes, most of us are going to experience that universal unpleasant inevitability: injury. Sure, there are those few...

By: Jennifer Britton

How You Can Use Autoregulation to Simplify Your Workouts

Most high school and amateur athletes aren't fortunate enough to work with a strength coach full time. This means that many athletes are forced to act...

By: Brian Carlson

What's the Difference Between Dry Needling and Acupuncture?

The Latest Technique in Sports Performance Physical Therapy When it comes to new age physical therapy techniques changing the game in the rehabilitation...

By: John Rusin

REVIEW: Build Strength and Size With Dr. John Rusin's Functional Hypertrophy Training Program

So much great information is available on effective workout techniques that it's often a challenge to figure out where to begin. People can get so o...

By: Andy Haley

EXOS Announces Online Certification Program

EXOS announced they will offer an online certification program to provide opportunities for coaches, trainers and physical therapists to become EXO...

By: Brandon Hall