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Study Proves That Mental Training Will Help You Lift Heavier Weights

Becoming a better athlete is multi factorial. If you want to maximize your chances of playing well, winning games, and reaching your athletic potential,...

By: Jake Tuura

How the Army Is Training Soldiers Like Athletes

Army workouts are notoriously brutal. You can probably imagine soldiers lined up performing a seemingly endless number of Push-Ups with a Drill Serge...

By: Andy Haley

3 Exercises to Prepare For Ruck March

3 Exercises for Ruck Marches Ruck marches are a necessary part of military training. It is also becoming a popular trend in fitness. I personally go for...

By: Tammy Kovaluk

Shelby Osborne Signs as First Female Defensive Back in College Football

Although football remains one of the only sports offered for men's teams in high school, that didn't stop Shelby Osborne from achieving her dreams. ...

By: Annie Koeblitz

Why You Should Be Training Instead of Exercising

The purpose of this article is to shed light on some proven, though relatively obscure, ideas about exercising and working out, also, training used by...

By: J. Scott Warner

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Vincent Hancock on Physical Training for Skeet Shooting

The world's top skeet shooter, Vincent Hancock, discusses the benefits of physical training for shooters

U.S. Army Physical Training: Conditioning Drill 1

U.S. Soldiers perform Conditioning Drills coached by Drill Sergeant James Finfrock

U.S. Army Physical Training: Sit-Ups

America's finest strengthen their core and abs through Sit-Ups with coaching from Drill Sergeant James Finfrock

U.S. Army Physical Training: Power Jumps

U.S. Soldiers, with instruction from Drill Sergeant James Finfrock, perform Power Jumps to develop explosive, quick movements

U.S. Army Physical Training: V-Ups

America's finest use V-Ups to strengthen the core and lower abdominal