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Take Your Workout Outdoors With This Brutally Challenging Circuit

It's officially nice outside again! The long hours of being in a stuffy gym all winter are through! Be happy! It's now time to for your outdoor workout...

By: Ben Boudro

2 Advanced Push-Up Variations for Upper-Body and Core Strength

Push-ups are one of the fundamental exercises. They are a must have for virtually any sport, tactical athlete, obstacle racing, and functional fitness....

By: Tammy Kovaluk

6 Side Plank Exercises You Should be Doing Instead of Weighted Side Bends

I cringe when I see weighted side bends. They're doing more harm than good, and yet I still see them being done by unknowing folks who think they're...

By: Tim DiFrancesco

2 Groin Exercises That Will Improve Agility and Prevent Injuries

Slideboard Side squat Aside from those god-awful adduction/abduction machines which gather dust in the corners far displaced from the other equipment,...

By: Alex Nurse

6 Glute Exercises to Prevent Common Running Injuries

If your goal is to stay healthy then glute training is essential for runners. Often times runners want to run and do nothing else leading them down a...

By: Cody Bello

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The Reverse Plank: The Best Core Exercise You Aren't Doing

The Reverse Plank is a challenging variation that targets your posterior core muscles.

Adrian Gonzalez Rope Plank

Adrian Gonzalez, MLB All-Star 1B, performs the Rope Plank, an exercise that improves his core and grip strength—both essential for batting power.

Brandon Jennings BOSU Plank

NBA point guard Brandon Jennings performs the BOSU Plank to build up strength and core balance, with coaching by Nate Costa at the Under Armour campus in Baltimore.

UNC Men's Soccer Side Bridge With Rotation

Greg Gatz, director of strength and conditioning for Olympic Sports at the University of North Carolina, explains how to perform the Side Bridge With Rotation exercise and how it benefits the Tar Heel soccer team by strengthening their core.

Willis McGahee Plank

Baltimore Ravens RB Willis McGahee performs a Plank with coaching from University of Miami strength and conditioning coach Victor Ishmael.