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PlayStation 4 Update Focused On Video, Includes Pre-Download Feature

The latest update (1.07) for PlayStation 4 was released last weekend. Much of it focuses on video capture and streaming. Owners will get the fr...

By: SkywordNews

'MLB 13: The Show' Takes You From Coach Pitch to the Pros

Just like life, the typical sports video game has become way too complicated. Things used to be so simple: You moved your player with an arrow ...

By: Jordan Zirm

"MLB 13: The Show" Gets a Release Date

Sony officially announced the release date for their new video game, MLB 13: The Show. This highly anticipated game will be available this coming ...

By: SkywordNews

E3 2012 Highlights: Sony

The 2012 E3 Sony conference promised new entries in our favorite Playstation series, while unveiling brand new titles like Quantic Dream's Beyond:...

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Start Your PS Vita Collection with a Free Game This Week

In one of the most anticipated gaming debuts of the year, the PlayStation Vita hits stores today, Feb. 22. If you're still on the fence about buying...

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