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Stop on a Dime: 3 Exercises for Efficient Deceleration

What is deceleration? Slowing down, cutting or stopping completely: all three actions are examples of deceleration. For being such a crucial skill,...

How to Add Leg Strength Without Squats

Squats are great, let's just get that out of the way. The squat pattern is a wonderful way to build lower body strength and is often viewed as the...

Build Full-Body Strength With This 10-Minute Workout

10 Minutes. That is all you need to get a full body circuit that is intense, powerful and will take you right to some big time gains. It's two of my...

2 Full Workouts That Only Require a Plyo Box

Two Sports Performance-Boosting Plyo Box Workouts By Jim Carpentier, CSCS Athletes and non-athletes typically utilize various size plyo boxes for...

How Rob Gronkowski and His Brothers Build Explosive Power Using a Plyo Box

A plyo box is a staple piece of equipment in weight rooms. It's a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for several beneficial purposes. Fo...

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Shawn Porter Agility and Plyo Training

Shawn Porter, professional middleweight boxer, performs Agility and Plyo Training with coaching by his father Ken Porter.

Shawn Porter’s Pre-Fight Training Camp

In this boxing training video, Shawn Porter, professional middleweight boxer, goes through a pre-fight training camp with coaching by his father Ken Porter. Shawn Porter uses training to develop his speed and strength so he can dominate in the ring.

Shawn Horcoff Lateral Box Jumps

Edmonton Oilers all-star center Shawn Horcoff performs Lateral Box Jumps as part of his off-season endurance circuit.

Thomas Vanek 180 Reverse Bench Jump

Thomas Vanek performs the 180 Reverse Bench Jump with coaching by Cal Dietz, strength and conditioning coach for University of Minnesota Hockey