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A Brief History of LeBron James's Love of Popcorn

The NBA pre-season, like most pre-seasons, is entirely too long. Because of this, players like LeBron James are held out of games to preserve their en...

By: Jordan Zirm

EXCLUSIVE: Terrell Owens Weighs in on Cam Newton's Celebration Dances

Although he's been the subject of many letters to the editor and huffy Twitter rants, Cam Newton is not the first NFL superstar to catch flak for havi...

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This Ultimate Guilt-Free Snack Happens to Taste Great Too

The term "guilt-free snack" sounds too good to be true. Snack food is typically equated with junk food—stuff like potato chips, cookies and Twinki...

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5 Healthy Foods That Got a Bad Rap

People used to think that the world was flat, the sun orbited around the Earth and Pluto was a planet. Now we know better. Nutrition is no different...

By: Brandon Hall

Why You Need Dietary Fiber—and Where to Get It

Dietary Fiber We learned recently why carbohydrates are not the enemy and are so important, especially for athletes. One of the main reasons to obtain...

By: Kait Fortunato