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Just a Spoonful a Day of These 5 Foods Can Boost Your Health

When it comes to food, the old saying that "good things come in small packages" really does ring true—as long as you pick the right options. As mu...

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Brandon Marshall Lost 13 Pounds on This Diet. Should You Try it Too?

The diet programs featured on TV informercials are typically targeted to stay-at home moms—not to professional athletes. But that didn't stop Ne...

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10 Healthy Lunch Options For Your Marathon Training

Marathon training involves more than just pounding the pavement. Eating a balanced diet is also essential. During your training period, the right ...

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15 Healthy Breakfast Options for Your Marathon Training

We already know the importance of a healthy breakfast, but the morning meal is even more important for runners training for a marathon. Your body is...

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Diet Programs or Lifestyle Change?

Although diet programs are widely accepted and considered ideal for weight loss, a diet can be a lonely and dangerous place that leads to more than ...

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