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5 Mental Skills That Successful Athletes Have in Common

There are great athletes and there are athletes that could have been great. An athlete with incredible physical prowess and skill might be able to...

By: Gary Moller

How Your Mood Can Affect Your Sports Performance

Every good athlete knows that it takes more than physical stamina to succeed. Along with developing your muscles, reflexes and physical capabilities,...

By: Gary Moller

5 Ways to Avoid Blowing Your Scholarship and Ruining Your Life on Social Media

Here are two facts you need to remember at all times: First, tweets live forever and can be seen by everyone in the world. The same is true for ...

By: Brandon Hall

Female Powerlifter Pukes While Maxing Out on Deadlift, Completes the Rep Anyway

About a week ago, a female powerlifter who goes by the name of "blondebeautybri" on Instagram competed in the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships. ...

By: Brandon Hall

This Young Trainer Is a Fantastic Motivational Speaker

Who would think one of the world's best motivational speakers is a kid? If you're having trouble getting motivated, just listen to "The Young Jamaic...

By: Rob Scott