Power Clean

Olympic lifts like the Power Clean build muscle and power by training your body to explode upward through triple extension--the simultaneous extension of your hips, knees and ankles. When the Power Clean is performed correctly, it will improve your vertical jump and speed. Learn crucial technique keys from top college programs, professional athletes and strength coaches so that you can train with perfect Power Clean form. Tap into your potential and start moving weight that can help you dominate your sport.

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Get Faster With the CrossFit Power Clean

Josh Courage, head CrossFit coach at Courage Performance, teaches how to perform the Power Clean. He explains how this exercise can make you run faster and jump higher.

Maryland Lacrosse Strength Training: Power Clean

The Terrapins perform a Power Clean with instruction from strength and conditioning coach Michael Szemborski.

Maryland Football Power Clean

In this football training video, the Maryland Terrapins perform a Power Clean with coaching by strength coach Michael Szemborski. Maryland Football uses the training exercise to gain strength for the field.

Jackie Edwards Power Clean

Bahamian Olympic long jumper Jackie Edwards performs the power clean with Olympic strength coach Randy Hadley.

Andy Hrovat Combo

In this wrestling training video, Olympic wrestler Andy Hrovat performs a Power Clean, Front Squat and Split Jerk combo while training at the University of Michigan with assistant strength and conditioning coach Jesse Miller.