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4 New Year's Resolution Fitness Challenges You Should Try in 2017

For many people January 1st is more than the start of a new year, it's when they continue their annua traditions of making New Years resolutions. One of...

By: Roger Lockridge

Why Athletes Should Lift Like Powerlifters

Strength training is simply the ability of the body to develop more force in movement. This style of training is also most athletes' missing link to...

By: Travis Hansen

9 Instagram Athletic Freaks You Need to Follow Immediately

Instagram is filled with amazing people. Crazy, insane, amazing people. A number of individuals have built massive Instagram followings, almost...

By: Brandon Hall

Watch Ray Williams Become the First Person in Powerlifting History to Squat 1,000 Pounds Raw

On Sunday in Atlanta, super heavyweight and reigning world champion Ray Williams broke powerlifting records by squatting an insane amount of weight ...

By: Rob Scott

Strongman Eddie Hall Breaks Deadlifting World Record, Lifts Over Half a Ton

Strongman Eddie Hall isn't nicknamed "The Beast" for nothing. Standing 6-foot-3 and weighing 400 pounds, the competitive lifter finally did what was...

By: Rob Scott

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Marcel Pastoor on the Spectrum of Football Training

Marcel Pastoor, associate strength and conditioning coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, talks about incorporating different training philosophies into your regimen.