Pre-Workout Nutrition

Supply your body with the fuel it needs to perform at its maximum level for your next training session with pre-workout nutrition tips from STACK. What you eat before you work out is just as important as any other meal. If you skip this meal, you may be unable to put forth maximum speed, strength, endurance and overall athleticism for the duration of an activity. Learn about the most effective foods and drinks to consume before activity to help optimize your game-time performance.

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Pre-Game Nutrition: What to Eat Before You Compete

Athletes are always told to "eat well" the day before and day of a competition so that they have energy to spare for the intense physical activity they...

By: Damon Amato

How to Build a Performance-Fueling Smoothie

Pre workout Smoothie Now that it is summer it's a perfect time to discuss one of my favorite food options: smoothies! I love smoothies because of their...

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9 Easy and Portable Pre-Game Snacks for Athletes

You know you won't perform your best on an empty tank. But eat too much, too close to game time, and your pre-game meal may wind up on your shoes (or ...

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7 Foods That Are Ruining Your Workouts

Fueling up before a game, practice or workout can take your performance to the next level, provided you're loading the right stuff onto your plate...

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Game Day Nutrition With Paul George

Just as Paul George grew into his role as the leading scorer on the Indiana Pacers, his approach to nutrition evolved during his four years in the...

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NBA Point Guard Brandon Knight's Pre-Game Meal Routine

Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Knight shares his eating routine on big game days. He sometimes takes in three meals before tipoff to ensure that he will have enough energy to perform well throughout the game.

NFL Running Back Eddie Lacy's Go-To Pre-Game Meal

Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy shares his nutrition routine before big games. His favorite pre-game dish is chicken noodle soup, but he chooses not to eat too much food on game days.

Joe Mauer Talks Baseball Nutrition

Minnesota Twins 1B Joe Mauer discusses his approach to nutrition and how he fuels his body on game days.

Chris "Macca" McCormack on Fueling with Clif Bars and Shots

Ironman World Champion Chris "Macca" McCormack discusses the advantages of fueling during a race with Clif Bars and Shots.

Sprinter Carmelita 'The Jet' Jeter's Race Fuel

Carmelita Jeter, the second-fastest woman in the world, talks about her pre-race fueling strategy.