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How to Prevent In-Season Volleyball Injuries

As with any repetitive motion, overuse inquires can and most likely will happen. These volleyball injuries are common and need to be understood, along...

By: Jason Arnold

Megan Rapinoe's Secret to Staying Healthy

Megan Rapinoe's job is to make her teammates look good. The play-making midfielder is known for her pinpoint passes—such as the perfect cross she de...

By: Brandon Hall

5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries are unpredictable. You can be going about your business, playing your sport or working out like you normally do, and then you feel...

By: Dr. Rocco Monto

5 Bodyweight Exercises to Prevent Baseball Injuries

The Five Best Body Weight Exercises for Baseball Players to Prevent Injuries As the baseball season progresses, and even during the offseason, it's...

By: Shaun Zetlin

6 Simple Tips to Prevent Knee Injuries

Tips for Preventing Knee Injuries During the New School Sports Year By Jim Carpentier, CSCS Watching an athlete grab their painful knee on the turf,...

By: Jim Carpentier

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Gordon Beckham on Developing Training Knowledge

Gordon Beckham, Chicago White Sox second baseman, discusses the importance of a proper training technique to prepare his body for the strenuous MLB season.

Strengthen Stabilizer Muscles With Gordon Beckham

Learn how Gordon Beckham, Chicago White Sox second baseman, strengthens his stabilzer muscles to condition his body for the grueling MLB season.

Warm-Up and Prehab with Gordon Beckham

See how Gordon Beckham, Chicago White Sox second baseman, warms up his body for a workout combined with prehab for inury prevention.

Combine Core and Prehab With Gordon Beckham

Gordon Beckham, Chicago White Sox second baseman, combines core and prehab exercises with the Lateral Core Hold With T during the off-season with coaching by Mike Berenger.

Georgia Tech Men’s Swimming Training Philosophy

Jason Benguche, Georgia Tech assistant player development coach, talks about how he prepares his team outside of the pool.