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An 8-Round Shoulder Press Workout Challenge

Looking for a grueling shoulder press workout?Well look no further. This will absolutely bury your shoulders and leave you with that fire in your arms...

By: Ben Boudro

This Revolutionary Exercise Is Helping NFL Players Improve Their Bench Press Strength

The head-off chest press has recently become one of my favorite chest pressing protocols for improving horizontal pressing mechanics. Other coaches...

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How Athletes Can Use the Log Press to Improve Upper-Body Strength

Despite its many benefits, outside of strongman training programmes, the log press is not a commonly used exercise. If your training facility happens to...

By: Will Davis

2 Bench Press Variations That are Safe for Baseball Players

If there is one question overheard in the gym many times, it is, "how much do you bench, bro?" While bench press allows for people to press the most...

By: Samuel Feldman

The Comprehensive Guide to Preseason Baseball Training

Baseball season is nearly upon us, and that means that many of you are doing your best to prepare for the grueling season ahead. But too often, baseba...

By: Andy Haley