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Why Patrick Peterson Left the Weight Room

To an NFL player, noise is constant. In the stadium, a combination of raucous fans and outdated jock jams pumping through enormous speakers hover ...

The Clay Matthews Workout

Take one look at me and you'll immediately see that I do not belong on an NFL roster. At 5'8" and 175 pounds, maybe I could pass for a wide receiver...

Can You Handle the 30-Minute Georges St-Pierre and Serena Williams Workout

When George St-Pierre and Serena Williams heat up during a workout, they need something to cool them down. That's where the Mission Athletecare Endur...

Andrew Bynum Workout Preview, Part 2

Check out the second preview video of Andrew Bynum's Celebrity Sweat workout. In this one, the Philadelphia 76ers center incorporates his favorite...

8 Surprising Ways Pro Athletes Cross-Train

Antonio Brown does Pilates. Variety is the spice of life, the old saying goes. So after a long season during which pro athletes focus exclusively ...

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Luciano Emilio on Taking His Game to the States

D.C. United forward Luciano Emilio talks about transitioning to American soccer and when he first turned pro at age 16.

Reggie Bush Pro Day Interview

Reggie talks about his NFL Pro Day Performance

Matt Leinart USC Pro Day

Matt Leinart Passing Drill at USC Pro Day

reggie bush


Reggie Bush 40 at NFL Pro Day

Reggie Bush blazes his 40 at his NFL Pro Day