If you want to gain more muscle and perform your best during games, it's vital that you eat enough protein to refuel your muscles. Strength training breaks down your muscle fibers, and proper nutrition, like taking in enough protein, is the key to unlocking your body's growth potential. Learn about how much protein you need to eat, how grab healthy meals on the go, and why eating enough protein can be the difference between starting and sitting on the bench.

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A Letter to Parents Concerned About Their Teenager's Protein Intake

I would like to present this letter about protein to all parents and doctors. I am going to try and fill in the gaps in regard to teens and high...

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Exciting Post-Workout Shake Recipes

Unique Post Workout Shake Recipes Exploring new and exciting ways to recharge with a unique post workout shake recipe is always interesting to me. For a...

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The High-Protein Food You Aren't Eating Enough Of

It seems like more people are searching for "superfoods" to turbocharge their diets. Often, these are foods most Americans are unfamiliar with initi...

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3 Designer Protein Shake Recipes That Are Easier to Make Than You Thought

The Best Protein Shakes for Young Athletes. I typically consume protein shakes twice a day, one in the morning and one post workout. As a Chef, I prefer...

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What is Casein Protein?

Having the many options of various protein supplements can sometimes leave us lacking an understanding for the characteristics of a particular protein....

By: Michael Roddey

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Chef McGonigle of Athletic Gaines (Las Vegas) demonstrates how to make "The Skinny Elvis," a high-calorie, high-protein snack that their NFL Combine athletes use to fuel up and build muscle.

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