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5 Ways to Stay Fit During Summer Vacation Road Trips

Summer road trips have a great deal of significance in today's culture. They represent freedom, independence, and exploration; unfortunately, for many...

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How You Are Screwing Up Assisted Pull-Ups?

Assisted pull ups are often utilized for clients or athletes that do not have the strength to perform enough body weight pull ups to include in their...

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Do More Pull-Ups With These 2 Exercises

Do you want to get better at doing pullups? Want to be able to do more pullups? The key to getting better at pullups is, well, spending time on the bar...

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Female Marine Wants To Equalize Training For Women In the Corps

Standing 4-feet-10, Marine Maj. Misty Posey wants to change the way Pull-Ups are trained. Posey wants women to be able to perform Pull-Ups for ...

By: Cameron Fields

Try These Rep Schemes for Big Results

The more you train, the better you'll become at adapting to your workouts. In order to avoid complacency, plateaus and overall boredom, you need to add...

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Andy Hrovat Back Circuit

Olympic wrestler Andy Hrovat performs a back circuit consisting of Bent Over Rows, Single-Arm DB Rows, Low Rows, Lat Pulldowns and Pull-Ups while training at the University of Michigan with assistant strength and conditioning coach Jesse Miller.