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Can You Biohack Your Way to a Better Marathon?

Training for a marathon takes as much mental strength as physical ability, and anyone who has ever attempted the infamous 26.2 miles knows it takes nu...

5 Marathon Nutrition Tips for First-Time Participants

Five Marathon Nutrition Tips for First Time Participants Here are five marathon nutrition tips for athletes preparing for their first marathon. Do Your...

5-DAY PLAN: Cross Country Training With a Heart Rate Monitor

Cross country is a popular sport in the U.S., especially at the high school level, with more than 470,000 student-athletes participating nationwide,...

Train Like a Pro: Beginner Triathlon Training Program

Triathlon is an amazing sport because anyone can compete. For those who want to finish a beginner triathlon, various distances and supportive race...

5 Un-Smooth Habits That Ruin Runners' Races

Your best races are the ones when you're running smoothly and the miles pass by almost effortlessly. You feel simultaneously relaxed and fast—in f...

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How to Warm-Up on Pre-Race Day

Team New Balance runners—Adrian Blincoe, Jack Bolas, Liz Maloy, Brenda Martinez and Craig Miller—discuss their warm-up strategies, running and stretching habits on the day before a race.

Good Form Running: Cadence

Grant Robison, creator of Good Form Running and 2004 U.S. Olympic runner, discusses the natural performance benefits of mastering the lean.

Grant Robison on the New Balance 1400 Running Shoe

Grant Robison, Good Form Running creator and 2004 U.S. Olympic runner, gives insight into his favorite features and the performance benefits of the New Balance 1400 Running Shoe.

Good Form Running: Posture

Grant Robison, 2004 U.S. Olympic runner and creator of Good Form Running, gives insight into the importance of achieving proper posture in training and how to maintain it throughout a race.

Good Form Running: Midfoot

Grant Robison, creator of Good Form Running and 2004 U.S. Olympic runner, discusses the performance benefits of using a midfoot strike as opposed to a forefoot or heel strike.