Reaction Time

A quick reaction time is key to having explosive athletic performances during game time. Any athlete can benefit from improving this skill needed for speed, coordination and ball control. Learn how to increase your abilities with sport-specific drills, training and techniques. Get quicker and train smarter for the season to impress your coaches, scouts and opponents using STACK's insider information.

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Latest Videos in Reaction Time

C.J. Spiller's Quick Three-Cone L-Drill

One of the NFL's fastest young running backs, C.J. Spiller, shares how to perform the Three-Cone L-Drill properly. This Combine favorite tests how well an athlete can react and change directions on the football field.

Agility and Anticipation Drill With Heather Mitts

To simulate soccer-specific movements, U.S. Women's National Team defender Heather Mitts performs a Y-Drill With Anticipation with coaching by Nick Connor at the D1-Cincinnati training facility.

Reaction Ball Game With Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints All-Pro quarterback Drew Brees performs the Reaction Ball Rebounder Game during the off-season with coaching by Todd Durkin.

UCLA Football: Falling Starts

The UCLA football team performs Falling Starts during their off-season workout routine while head strength and conditioning coach Mike Linn discusses the importance and proper technique for the exercise.

NFL Conditioning: Connor Barwin Pad Work

Connor Barwin, defensive end for the Houston Texans, performs Pad Work with coaching by Ben Creamer.