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Improve Your Football 40 Time During the Season

Football season is nearing playoff time and it has been a long season full of wear and tear. However, in this day and age there is no offseason and...

By: Carl Putman

Wide Receivers: Learn to Catch Every Jump Ball, Every Time

The football is in the air. It's your job to go and get it. The jump ball is one of the biggest weapons in an elite wide receiver's repertoire, an...

By: Brandon Hall

Sumo Deadlift for Football Strength

While the squat is undoubtedly the king of lifts when it comes to building the lower body strength needed to excel on the gridiron, the deadlift is...

By: Jay Mendoza

The Lower-Body Lift That Powered Sammy Watkins' Game-Winning Catch

It didn't take long for Sammy Watkins to break out with the type of game-changing performance expected from a playmaker for whom the Buffalo Bills...

By: Zac Clark

In-Season Football Workouts to Stay Strong, Fast and Healthy

In-Season Football Workouts to Stay Strong, Fast, and Healthy A football player who stops training in-season can potentially lose 20-25%percent of the...

By: Joseph Potts