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How an Injured Athlete Can Still Manage the College Recruiting Process Successfully

Injury is an inherent part of any athletic endeavor and no one understands this better than college coaches. There are many prospects and families who...

By: Tom Kovic

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting an Athletic Scholarship

An athletic scholarship is one of the highest honors you can achieve as a high school athlete. It says you have the skills, maturity, grades, and...

By: Dylan Spadaccini

3 Tactics to Prevent Hamstring Pulls

Hamstring pulls are one of the most nagging injuries in sport. Millions of sport play hours have been lost due to hamstring injuries and issues, but the...

By: Joel Smith

How to Master the Pull-Up

Pull ups are one of the most basic exercises and also one of the most effective in building upper body strength. Any male athlete should be able to...

By: John Papp

4 Reasons Why Multi-Sport Athletes Are Better and More Attractive to College Coaches

I never hear a collegiate coach say "I hate my multi-sport athletes." It's the opposite, they LOVE THEM! Here's 4 reasons why the multi-sport athlete is...

By: Dr. Rob Bell