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How A. J. Green Went From Eating Garbage to Chomping Kale Salad

Most NFL rookies need at least a year or two to adjust to the professional game, which is understandable—the playbook is thicker, the pressure is gr...

By: Brandon Hall

DeMarco Murray Talks about the Hottest Places He Has Worked Out

STACK interviewed DeMarco Murray, the 2014 NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and the Philadelphia Eagles running back talked about the hottest place...

By: Rob Scott

Spend a Day in the Life With Indianapolis Colts Cornerback Vontae Davis

You may know Vontae Davis as the younger brother of San Fransisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis. Throughout his six-year NFL career, Vontae has wor...

By: Jordan Zirm

4 Division I Football Tips for Muscle-Building Eating

To gain a competitive edge and be a formidable player right out of the gate next football season might require putting on bulk. Through my work wit...

By: Katie Davis

Opinion: Your Post-Workout Recovery Nutrition Should Be Liquid

You just finished an intense workout, your muscles are blazing and you need to recover with some protein and carbs. But don't reach for a protein ba...

By: Skyword

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