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DeMarco Murray Talks about the Hottest Places He Has Worked Out

STACK interviewed DeMarco Murray, the 2014 NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and the Philadelphia Eagles running back talked about the hottest place...

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How Much Water Should Athletes Drink Every Day?

Exactly how much water should you be drinking on a daily basis? It's a relatively simple question, but the answer is complex. The most commonly c...

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Hydration: Follow the Rules That Help Your Performance

Conventional training wisdom has taught us the importance of proper hydration. (Get STACK's All-Day Hydration Game Plan.) Both endur...

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Basic Tips to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Did you know that most of your body is liquid? You've probably heard over and over about the importance of knowing how to rehydrate your body. It...

By: Christine Turpin

Can Ávitāe Caffeinated Water Benefit Athletes?

To rehydrate your body before, during and after training, your best bet is to reach for some water. A dehydrated athlete cannot perform at his or ...

By: Samantha Jones

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Chet North on the Most Important Time to Hydrate

Kansas City Wizards Head Athletic Trainer Chet North talks about the best time for athlets to hydrate or rehydrate