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Social Media Guidelines for Aspiring Strength Coaches

Social media has become a part of our culture that has its different expressions; however, the impact of what social media can have an significant...

By: Kelvin King Jr.

Series 'Gypsy' in the Works at Netflix

Netflix has ordered 10 episodes of an intriguing new series titled Gypsy, described as a sexy psychological thriller. This one-hour drama from Universal...

By: SkywordNews

Elizabeth Banks May Direct 'Charlie's Angels' Reboot

A reboot of the Charlie's Angels film franchise is in the works with actress/filmmaker Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect) in talks to direct. Banks h...

By: SkywordNews

Follow the Football Recruiting Checklist to Increase Your Chances of Landing a Scholarship

As a football player, you study tape, lift weights to build strength, practice to perfect your skills and build camaraderie with your teammates, a...

By: NCSA Athletic Recruiting

Drake Drops Surprise Album 'If You're Reading This It's Too Late'

Drake pulled a Beyoncé over the weekend by dropping a surprise album. (Well, maybe it's an album; maybe it's a mixtape–that part is unclear, but si...

By: SkywordNews