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2 Shoulder Workouts That'll Build Bigger Traps

There are various opinions on the best way to train the traps (trapezius muscles). Singling out one specific day or method to train the traps is...

By: Kelvin King Jr.

Build Upper-Back Strength with These 5 Exercises

Having adequate upper-back strength is essential for pain free movement in everyday life and performance on the field. Having a strong upper back will...

By: John Papp

Build a Strong and Sturdy Back With This Tri-Set

Supersets can have several purposes. For more efficient workouts, athletes can pair pushing and pulling exercises. Barbell Bench Press and Dumbbell Rows...

By: Mylan Clairmont

The Workout Terms and Equipment Athletes Need to Know

If you're new to working out, some of the terms you might hear spoken around the weight room or have read on your workout chart might seem like a fore...

By: Andy Haley

Fall 2017 Training Gear and Apparel Round-Up

Fall is rapidly approaching. That means you're back in school (or are about to be), playing a sport and hitting the weights with your team. So there's...

By: Andy Haley

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STACK Fitness Weekly: Get Bigger and Stronger With Resistance Bands

In this episode of STACK Fitness Weekly, Pete Holman shows you three resistance band exercises that will improve your strength, size and power.

Todd Durkin's World-Class Workouts: Build Muscle With Resistance Bands

In this episode of World-Class Workouts, Todd Durkin shows you how to build muscle with a Lateral Band Walk/Upright Row/Band Splitter resistance band circuit.