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3 Explosive Exercises to Increase Acceleration

In the world of sports, they say speed kills. The truth is, acceleration is what really separates elite athletes from the rest of us. In most sports,...

By: Jon Drees

Build a Strong Upper Body and Core With the Hanging Single-Arm Press

You have been benching and pressing to complement all your hard work, now try putting your body in an awkward but safe position to perform two different...

By: Kelvin King Jr.

4 Bear Crawl Variations That Build Total-Body Strength

Crawling isn't just for infants.. The bear crawl exercise is a great way to strengthen your core, shoulders, and even glutes with slight variations. Try...

By: John Papp

Try This Kettlebell Exercise to Jump Higher and Sprint Faster

The Band-Resisted Kettlebell Swing is one of the easiest ways to make the Kettlebell Swing more difficult, and in turn make you a faster and more expl...

By: Andy Haley

Here's the Secret Training Tool Behind Tom Brady's Success at 39 Years Old

The narrative of Tom Brady's uber-healthy lifestyle, which has let him continue to flourish at quarterback despite being 39 years old, has been told t...

By: Jordan Zirm