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Build Upper-Body Strength and Size With 4 Chain Exercises

Ever wonder what the chains hanging on the wall in your gym or weight room are for? Exercises with chains can be a great tool for advanced trainees...

By: John Papp

The Natural Way to Increase Human Growth Hormone and How it Will Benefit You

If you regularly work out, you have heard of human growth hormone (HGH). You may hear that HGH can rebuild your muscles, keep you fit and energetic, and...

By: Gary Moller

For a Rock Solid Core, Try the Cable Push-Pull Exercise

Need a simple exercise to strengthen your core? Try the Cable Push-Pull. According to Mike Boyle, legendary strength coach and owner of Mike Boyle ...

By: Andy Haley

How to Supercharge Your Speed With Resistance Bands

Super Charge your SPEED Training with Banded Resistance Key Points Bands provide resistance throughout the full range of motion Training through...

By: PJ Nestler

Build Injury-Proof Shoulders With the Crossover Symmetry Resistance Band System

Crossover Symmetry is an ideal piece of equipment for athletes who are looking to develop shoulders that are strong and resistant to injury. Shoulder...

By: Andy Haley

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Pro Bowl Running Back Latavius Murray’s Intense Metabolic Football Conditioning Circuit

NFL Running Back Latavius Murray performs a resisted sled push and tred sled workout to improve his metabolic conditioning and get his body game-ready before the season begins.

Brandon Jennings Med Ball Decline Crunch

Brandon Jennings uses this Medicine Ball crunch to create more resistance. This core work out works the obliques as well as the abdomen.