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No, Really—Don't Shop When You're Hungry: A Study

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A new study offers evidence to support what many people have learned for themselves: never go grocery shopping when yo...

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Racing to Om: Fitness Class Combines Spinning and Yoga

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pairing indoor cycling's intense, calorie-busting cardio workout with yoga, the mind-body practice of stretching into inner p...

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The Nature and Nurture of Running for Fitness

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Are modern men and women born to run, or must our 21st century bodies be carefully cross-trained to stay fit and healthy? ...

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Mike Tyson to Star as Cartoon Detective With Pigeon Sidekick (Yes, This is Really Happening)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson will star as a cartoon detective, with a pigeon as a sidekick, in a ne...

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Breaking Down the 'Runner's High': Why Your Run Suddenly Becomes More Enjoyable

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Although many people begin running as a practical path to weight loss or fitness, for many it becomes a love affair as the mi...

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