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5 of the Most Painful Intentional Groin Shots In Pro Sports History

A shot to the groin is something all male athletes try hard to avoid. It's a painful experience, to say the least. Unfortunately, some athletes k...

By: Cameron Fields

WATCH: RGIII Pranks High School Football Team By Posing as a Mannequin

When a team receives new uniforms, it's an exciting day. They get to throw away their old rags and put on shiny new upgraded gear. The Cleveland Bro...

By: Rob Scott

WATCH: Robert Griffin III Works Out For the First Time as a Member of the Cleveland Browns

Images via After not seeing a single minute of regular season playing time in 2015, Robert Griffin III is essentially star...

By: Jordan Zirm

10 of the Most Surprising NFL Signings Over the Years

Robert Griffin III recently signed with the Cleveland Browns. In the NFL, there are impressive teams, and then there are the Browns, making this sig...

By: Annie Koeblitz

Robert Griffin III Will Likely Be the Cleveland Browns' 25th Starting QB Since 1999

ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted the news that the Cleveland Browns signed former Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III to a two-year deal. The offici...

By: Dana Scott

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The STACK Top 5 2012-2013 NFL Rookie Performances

Find out which 2012 NFL rookie earned our number one spot in this episode of The STACK Top 5. Is it Andrew Luck, RGIII or Luke Kuechly?

Robert Griffin III Pocket Presence QB Drill

NFL QB Robert Griffin III demonstrates the Pocket Presence Drill, which helps a quarterback learn how to avoid a pass rush and still get the ball out on time. Griffin demonstrates the drill and provides pointers on how to execute it properly.

Robert Griffin III Quick Release Passing Drill

NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III demonstrates the Quick Release Passing Drill, which helps him get the ball out of his hand before he's swallowed up by a pass rush. Griffin shows variations of the drill and explains how to perform it.

Robert Griffin III on Why He Wears EvoShield

Robert Griffin III talks about his legacy and what it takes to feel protected in the game of <a href="/football/">football</a>. Learn more about why RGIII chooses EvoShield.