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James Cameron, Robert Rodriguez Gear Up for 'Battle Angel Alita'

James Cameron will produce a live-action feature film adaptation of the manga comic Battle Angel Alita, and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids; Sin ...

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Live Action 'Fire and Ice' Movie in the Works

The live action adaptation of Frank Frazetta's and Ralph Bakshi's animated film Fire and Ice has been picked up by Sony. Those involved in the project...

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'Machete Kills' More Over the Top Than its Predecessor

The satirical action exploitation film Machete Kills is a sequel to a movie based on a fake trailer that accompanied the 2007 double feature, Grindhou...

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Preventing Cauliflower Ear

Cauliflower ear is an all-too-familiar problem in the wrestling community. According to Robert Rodriguez, an athletic trainer with USA Wrestling, rep...

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Kobe Bryant's "The Black Mamba" Official Trailer Part 2, Featuring Kanye West

Last week, we dropped the official trailer for The Black Mamba—Nike Basketball's and Kobe Bryant's exclusive web movie, directed by legendary feat...

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