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5 Must-Do Mobility Exercises for Baseball Players

Over the course of a long season it is important to maintain proper shoulder mobility. The repetitiveness from throwing tightens up the shoulder and...

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The Best Shoulder Exercises You're Not Doing

Best Shoulder Exercises You're Not Doing The shoulder is a complicated joint. There are many muscles that must fire correctly and work together to...

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5 Ways to Stay Fit During Summer Vacation Road Trips

Summer road trips have a great deal of significance in today's culture. They represent freedom, independence, and exploration; unfortunately, for many...

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Build Strong and Durable Shoulders With This Push-Up Progression

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like working their chest. This is great and all, but it leads too many people to overwork their ch...

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3 Exercises That Train All of Your Shoulder Muscles

Shoulder exercises are essential for any athlete because they strengthen the muscles and joints that are used quite often throughout the day. Your...

By: Brian Pankau