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Try This Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Challenge for Increased Strength

Kettlebell's are used tremendously in this field, along with Dumbbell's and Medicine Balls to progress athlete's from a half-kneeling variation to...

By: Kelvin King Jr.

9 Essential Exercises to Prevent Rotator Cuff Injuries

In 2008, nearly 2 million people in the US reported a rotator cuff problem to their doctor. These complaints are common among overhead athletes, such as...

By: G. John Mullen

Keep Your Rotator Cuff Muscles Strong With This Stabilization Circuit

ROTATOR CUFF MUSCLES Whether you're goal is to bench three plates per side or flirt with a 90 mile per hour fastball, you need strong and healthy...

By: Joe Giandonato

Holiday Wish List: The BandBell Bar Will Change the Way You Bench

The Bench Press is a great exercise to build upper-body muscles—your pecs, triceps and deltoids. But without proper form, you could fail to strength...

By: Rob Scott

Build Healthy Shoulders With 5 Rotator Cuff-Strengthening Exercises

The rotator cuff consists of four small muscles - infraspinatus, supraspinatus, subscapularus, teres minor - that help to stabilize the shoulder joint...

By: Keith Tesch