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Watch 9-Year-Old Australian Rugby Prodigy Demolish Everything in His Path

Think about the sports you were playing at age 9. Maybe you were in a community soccer league where the goalies were so afraid of being hit by the...

By: Jordan Zirm

2 U.S. Rugby Stars Detail Their Preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games

Photo Credit: Jack McGaw for USA Sevens Rugby After a 92-year hiatus, rugby is returning to the Olympics at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Summer Games...

By: Andy Haley

Here's The New Tackling Technique That's Revolutionizing Football Safety

Head injuries are changing the game of football. As researchers learn more about the long-term impacts of concussions and sub-concussive hits, the ...

By: Brandon Hall

Do Squats Actually Make You Faster?

We've all been told that in order to sprint faster, we just have to get stronger and squat and power clean more. But is this really the case? Here's a...

By: James de Lacey

WATCH: How 'Rugby's Fastest Man' Trains for Serious Speed

Carlin Isles from Massillon, Ohio, a wing on the USA Eagles Sevens rugby team, is known as the fastest man in rugby. Before his rugby career began, ...

By: Rob Scott

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The STACK Rundown // The Air Jordan XXX, Black History Month Collection From Nike and adidas, and the Craziest Hamstring Exercise Ever

In this week's episode of the STACK Rundown, we review the new Air Jordan XXX and check out the craziest hamstring exercise you'll ever see.