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If you play in the backfield, you need to develop lower-body power and game-breaking speed. STACK has workouts from NFL running backs like Reggie Bush, Ryan Mathews and Chris Johnson and insider tips on how to play the position as well as how to prepare your body to competition. Whether it's lowering your 40-Yard Dash time, improving flexibility or lifting more weight, STACK can help you reach your goals and become a franchise running back.

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Ezekiel Elliott Ran Over the NFL's Most Feared Tackler in His First Start

It's a tough and daunting proposition for a rookie to enter his first NFL game, even in the pre-season, especially against one of the best and mos...

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Eddie Lacy's Off-Season Weight Loss Is Already Paying Off

Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy had a rough time last season. It was the first time in his three-year NFL career when he didn't gain over 1...

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Why 33-Year Old Frank Gore Can't Wait to Get Hit

"Be the hammer, not the nail" is a common saying when in football. Instead of getting hit, players should want to deliver the  blow. But that's not...

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Can Davonte Lynch Go 'Beast Mode' Like Big Brother Marshawn?

New Mexico Highlands University running back Davonte Lynch is looking to have a beastly senior season. If his last name sounds familiar, that's beca...

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Derek Watt Wants to Block his Brother J.J. in the NFL

San Diego Chargers rookie fullback Derek Watt is not shying away from competing against his brother in the NFL. In an interview with Loose Cannons ...

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Pro Bowl Running Back Latavius Murray’s Dodge Ball Agility Drill For Elite Reaction Time and Cutting Ability

NFL running back Latavius Murray performs a dodge ball agility drill with his performance coach Vincent Scollo.

NFL Running Back Latavius Murray's Exhausting Tractor Tire Workout

Pro Bowl running back Latavius Murray uses the Vertimax and a 300-pound tractor tire to run through a variety of intense drills.

Pro Bowl Running Back Latavius Murray’s Intense Metabolic Football Conditioning Circuit

NFL Running Back Latavius Murray performs a resisted sled push and tred sled workout to improve his metabolic conditioning and get his body game-ready before the season begins.

An Inside Look at Pro Bowl Running Back Latavius Murray's NFL Game-Ready Workout

NFL running back Latavius Murray prepares for the season with this training routine designed to mimic the rigors of a game.

Todd Gurley Talks About Haters

The Los Angeles Rams' ballcarrier says he hears the verbal barbs. Here's what he does about them.