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Why the Humble PB&J Sandwich Is the Most Popular Pre-Game Snack in All of Pro Sports

The humble peanut butter and jelly combination is having a moment in the sun. In a recent issue of ESPN The Magazine, Baxter Holmes wrote a fascina...

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How Fast Food Affects Your Athletic Performance

Most people know that fast food is not a healthy choice but continue to buy it because of its convenience and relatively low price. But if you're an...

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Here's How Many Carbs and Calories You Save By Ditching the Bread, Bun or Wrap

If you're looking to clean up your diet, streamlining your meals is essential. You want to maximize the amount of food you eat while keeping the cal...

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The Denver Broncos Are Eating Chicken Parm Sandwiches to Get Ready for the Super Bowl

If Peyton Manning singing "chicken parm, you taste so good" doesn't play in your head every time you see him, either you don't own a TV set or you s...

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5 Things You Should Never Do When Ordering a Sandwich

For millions of people, a sandwich is the perfect lunchtime option. Whatever you want to call them—subs, grinders, hoagies, heroes—there's no deny...

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