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11 Med Ball Drills for More Powerful Tennis Strokes

Due to the intermittent explosive nature of the game of tennis utilizing med ball drills can be a powerful tool to decrease injury rate, develop...

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Beach Volleyball Coach Sergio Rio Demonstrates Proper Technique to Perfect Your Serve

Technique is crucial for a volleyball serve, especially if you want a consistent and accurate serve. Volleyball coach Sergio Rio of Club Med Academi...

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Add 20 Mph to Your Tennis Serve With Help From Elite Tennis Coach Gabe Jaramillo

Speed is important for a tennis serve, especially when you're trying to ace an opponent. Tennis coach Gabe Jaramillo at Club Med Academies in Sandpi...

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Watch Novak Djokovic Catch an Attempted Service Return in His Pocket

While wowing the crowd at the Miami Open with his impressive play and his dismantling of opponent Kyle Edmund, Novak Djokovic did something downrigh...

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Finally: The NFL Is Considering Getting Rid of One of Its Awful Pre-Season Games

Although no one in the NFL has yet figured out what, exactly, constitutes a catch, we can all agree on one thing, even if people in the league offic...

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