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Train Like Batman to Build a Stronger Back

Your workouts are ruining your posture. And you can thank the widespread overemphasis on pressing exercises. It's understandable. Who doesn't love sh...

By: Andy Haley

Use Band Push-Ups to Build Chest Strength and Protect Your Shoulders

The Lost Art of the Push Up - Band Pushups The push up is one of the most foundational movement patterns for any athlete. Many times, the push up is...

By: John Rusin

Keep Your Rotator Cuff Muscles Strong With This Stabilization Circuit

ROTATOR CUFF MUSCLES Whether you're goal is to bench three plates per side or flirt with a 90 mile per hour fastball, you need strong and healthy...

By: Joe Giandonato

Build Healthy Shoulders With 5 Rotator Cuff-Strengthening Exercises

The rotator cuff consists of four small muscles - infraspinatus, supraspinatus, subscapularus, teres minor - that help to stabilize the shoulder joint...

By: Keith Tesch

What to Do if You Experience Shoulder Pain When You Bench Press

The bench press and shoulder press are perhaps the two exercises most likely to cause pain within the shoulder. Being that these are also two of the...

By: Jon Drees