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The Genius Football Equipment Trick Christian McCaffrey Learned From His NFL-Playing Dad

If you're a young football player, there are plenty of advantages to having a dad who played in the NFL. They can teach you the same fundamentals, min...

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Separated Shoulder: Symptoms, Treatment and Recovery Time

The shoulder is an incredible joint. It's capable of extreme ranges of motion that allow you to throw a ball, swing a bat or push off against an opp...

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The 3 Best Uniform Tricks NFL Players Use to Get an Advantage

Anyone who has played football knows how fussy and particular players can get about their uniforms. Sure, you want to look good—but more importa...

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Under Armour All-America HS Football Game Uniforms Announced, Look Predictably Crazy

The Under Armour All-America High School Football Game is not just a chance to watch the football stars of tomorrow do battle, it's also an opport...

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Russell Athletic Releases Wild New Shoulder Pads for Football Players

All photos via Russell Athletic Russell Athletic recently released its new CarbonTek shoulder pad system, which pretty much puts your current pads...

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