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Train Your Core and Shoulders at the Same Time With These Shoulder Press Variations

Efficient programs – that is something that we are all looking for. Performing bent over rows you train your grip strength as well as your pulling...

By: Mylan Clairmont

4 Total-Body Lifts That Will Help You on the Field

Athletes that paricipate in sports like football or basketball are different than athletes who enter bodybuilding contests. Bodybuilders need to isolate...

By: Roger Lockridge

The Perfect Shoulder Workout for Strength and Durability

Do you have trouble adding size and strength to your shoulders? Do you train them each week and just can't seem to get the upper body you deserve? This...

By: Dylan Spadaccini

This Shoulder Press Variation Will Build Strong and Durable Shoulders for Baseball

The traditional Landmine Press is used as a substitution from movements like Overhead Press and Bench Press. For overhead sports, it makes a safer...

By: Samuel Feldman

3 Workout Finishers to Prepare for an Obstacle Course Race

Obstacle course race season is just starting. In these races you need to muster up all your strength and endurance to complete the race. This means you...

By: Joe Pepe

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Field Hockey Single-Leg Kettlebell RDL to Press

In this field hockey training video, Speed Strength Systems owner Tim Robertson explains how to perform the Single-Leg Kettlebell RDL to Press and discusses why this exercise will improve game performance.

Oklahoma Wrestling Lateral Lunge and Press

University of Oklahoma Wrestling performs the Lateral Lunge and Press exercise, with instruction by assistant S+C coach Tim Overman.

Montrose Christian Hammer and Med Ball Press

Alan Stein, basketball strength and conditioning coach at Montrose Christian, discusses the proper way to perform the Hammer Shoulder Press, and the Med Ball Press.

Behind-the-Neck Shoulder Press With Reese Hoffa

Don Babbitt, strength and conditioning coach for Olylmpic shotputter Reese Hoffa, discusses the benefits of building shoulder strength for throwers