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This Shrug Variation Builds Strong Traps, Forearms and Core Muscles

Your trapezius muscles are one of the first things your opponents size up to judge your level of strength. As a competitive athlete, you obviously w...

By: Andy Haley

Build Big Trap Muscles for More Powerful Shoulders

When I think of big trap muscles, images of mountains rising to the heavens come to mind. Nothing completes the shoulder girdle and upper back like a...

By: David Groscup

Big Traps May Look Good, But Do You Need Them?

Big trapezius muscles are one of the first areas of the body athletes want to work on. Some guys develop what we call "no-neck syndrome'—their t...

By: Andy Haley

Increase Tackling Power With Patrick Willis' Homegrown Training Secrets

Patrick Willis' "homegrown workout" featured the unconventional training methods he employed as a youngster seeking an extra edge on the gridiron. Bac...

By: Zac Clark