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5 Hacks That Will Improve Your Morning Routine

Structuring an effective morning routine can be life altering. It is the initial spark to an athletes' day and can carry across to achieving success in...

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Use These Restoration Techniques to Improve Performance and Health

Hard work, however reckless, is romanticized among athletes and coaches. There is a mindset that says "more is always better," with a complete disre...

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Don't Sweat It: Athletic Deodorant Reviews

Give yourself an edge in the battle against perspiration with one of these four athlete-approved options. Axe Twist - $4 Get bored easily? Thi...

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Reduce Back Pain and Prevent Injuries With Post-Game Yoga

After a grueling session on the court, field or track, most athletes head straight for the showers. But the failure to stretch can cause muscle dama...

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Supercharge Your Post-Game Shower

With so many body washes designed specifically for athletes, there's no reason to carry grime and dirt from a tough workout or a long game out of the ...

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