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Improve Skating Acceleration With This Simple Drill

Credit for this exercise goes to our mentor, Peter Twist of Twist Sport Conditioning, former NHL Strength and Conditioning Coach. The Athletic Ready...

By: Apex Skating

Check Out The Aftermath of Matt Hendricks' Heroic Sacrifice of Taking the Puck in the Worst Place Possible

Edmonton Oilers wing Matt Hendricks has been in the NHL for 10 years. And throughout those years, he has experienced many memorable moments. But wha...

By: Rob Scott

Improving your Hockey Shot on the Ice

Power can be defined as the ability to exert maximal force as quickly as possible. In ice hockey, rotational power is a prime attribute for any player...

By: Chris Phillips

TRX Rip Training Hockey Workout

Hockey players must perform a hockey conditioning program that focuses on strength, power, flexibility and durability. These are the keys to improving...

By: Pete Holman

How to Customize Your Goalie Equipment

Recently, a charging forward's skate ended up cutting an artery in the opposing goalie's leg. The goalie was taken directly from the ice to the hosp...

By: P.J. Gammarano