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3 Prowler Exercises That Build Explosive Power

Any legitimate training facility you walk into will have several things in common when it comes to the equipment. There will always be the staple pieces...

By: Justin Ochoa

James Harrison Pushed a Sled With 1,395 Pounds On it, Reached a New Level of Workout Insanity

James Harrison is 38 years old and about to enter his 15th season in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers fearsome linebacker has doled out 567 tackles an...

By: Jordan Zirm

Perform These Lifts to Improve Your Lateral Quickness and Agility

If you want to truly bring out the absolute best movement you are capable of, you have to experience movement in all three planes of motion. In the gym,...

By: Justin Ochoa

A New and Improved Way to Measure Your Explosive Power

The Wingate test is the gold standard for measuring power. If you've ever been subjected to this torture test, you know it's an absolutely miserable 3...

By: Andy Haley

Watch San Francisco Giants First Baseman Brandon Belt Perform an Insane 700-Pound Sled Push

Brandon Belt is one strong dude. The 6-foot-5, 220-pound first baseman led the San Francisco Giants in extra base hits last season with 61. The...

By: Brandon Hall

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9 Push Sled Exercises That Build Full-Body Strength

Former NFL tight end Dan Gronkowski demonstrates 9 excellent sled exercises for athletes.