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Why Staring at Your Phone is Ruining Your Spine

How much do you check your phone every day? Do you frequently surf the web, check social media and text your friends? If you're like most people, y...

By: Andy Haley

This App Boils a Food's Nutrition Down to a Single Number. Can it Help You Eat Healthier?

Nutrition is all about numbers. Carbs, calories, fats, micros, macros, daily values, serving sizes—every food carries a dizzying amount of data a...

By: Brandon Hall

The High-Tech Mirror and Scale That Change How We Look at Our Bodies

Your bathroom scale is dumb. Yes, it measures how much you weigh, but it has no way of revealing what is actually going on in your body—which cre...

By: Andy Haley

Holiday Wish List 2015: Wilson X Connected Basketball

Since late August, STACK has been testing the Wilson X Connected Basketball, which records whether you make or miss shots during practice sess...

By: Brian Sabin

TRAILER: 'Need for Speed: No Limits'

Electronic Arts announced that Need for Speed: Limits will arrive next year and that it is being made specifically for tablets and iOS and Android sm...

By: SkywordNews