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Scorch Fat With a Single Dumbbell

So you are in need of a sweaty, intense and effective workout but all you have to work with is just 1 dumbbell that has been collecting dust for years...

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A 6-Exercise Landmine Workout That Builds Explosive Power

Everybody wants to have explosive muscle. A great way to accomplish that is by using these nifty landmine core exercises. So wait, what does explosive...

By: Ben Boudro

Improve Hockey Performance With This 4-Day Off-Season Dryland Workout

"I Went to a Fight the Other Night and a Hockey Game Broke Out"- Rodney Dangerfield Hockey players are considered to be some of the toughest athletes in...

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2 Landmine Olympic Lifts That Increase Explosive Power

New gym equipment hits the market daily – some good, some bad. While it is definitely great to add tools to your training toolbox in the form of...

By: Justin Ochoa

How to Build Explosive Power With Kettlebell Swings

Explosiveness is one the keys to a great athlete. Typically, exercises that utilize triple extension are recognized as the gold standard for building...

By: John Papp