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If the 12-Year-Old Version of You Thought of a Race, This Would Be It

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For Four Female Olympians, The Road to Sochi Was Paved With Adversity and Triumph

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Sochi Athletes Speak: Dominique Maltais, Canadian Snowboarder

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Tyler Peterson on Becoming a Freestyle Skier

Pro freestyle skier Tyler Peterson shares how he first got involved in the sport of skiing along with how it has changed his life. He also talks about his life as a pro, including how he gets to travel all over the world skiing.

Torah Bright’s Gear

Pro snowboarder Torah Bright talks about the importance of staying warm on the mountain but, at the same time, having a little style in order to look the part of a snowboarder.

Matt Duhamel on School and Skiing

Matt Duhamel, a teenage pro freestyle skier, talks about the difficulties in balancing school and skiing and explains how he now goes to a special school that works with young skiers and their difficult winter schedules.

Matt Duhamel’s Road to the Pros

In this action video, pro freestyle skier Matt Duhamel discusses with STACK how he began his journey of going from a weekend recreational skier to jumping into the pro competition circuit.

Colby James West’s Pro Life

Colby James West, pro freestyle skier, dishes everything from training year-round all over the world to his competition mindset and mid-air strategy to what he looks for in his boots and helmet.